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Gulf Coast Adoption’s blog page is dedicated to spreading awareness and informing visitors about all things adoption-related so you can more easily navigate this process.

A Guide to Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoptions Options

An unplanned pregnancy may bring many uncertainties. It can be a scary experience for some women. If you are in this position, there are many things that might come to mind. Thinking about them might become the single most prevalent focal point of your life. If you are in this position now, here are some…Read More

Types of Adoption

When starting the adoption process, you have options. You can adopt a child from the U.S. foster care system, adopt an infant or child in the U.S., adopt a child from another country or adopt a stepchild. Adopting a child from the U.S. foster care system Children waiting in the foster care system vary in age,…Read More

Lost Contact with Birth Parents

If you’ve lost contact with the birth parents, the adoptive family or the adopted child, there are ways to find them.  The State of Florida maintains a registry of adoptive information that may provide the information you need.  While the registry is completely voluntary, often times the parties will agree to enter their names and…Read More

7 Holiday Tips from Gulf Coast Adoptions

The joy of bringing a new child home in time for the holidays is a marvelous feeling for adoptive parents. Gulf Coast Adoptions knows that this can also come with some challenges for these families, especially in the first year. Consider these tips to make the holidays as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Choose your…Read More

13 Tips for Adoptive Parents During the Year of Firsts

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting experience, but you need to ensure that you’re prepared for the first year with a new child at home. This is a year that’s full of firsts for you to share with the baby, so taking the time to get ready now can be beneficial.

Pregnant Teens Should Carefully Consider Their Options

Finding out that you’re pregnant before you have things ready for a child can be frightening. For some women or teens, including those who are in school, the circumstances surrounding them make things even scarier. Considering these points might help make your journey a little easier, so think carefully about each one.

Tips to Prepare for Baby’s Birth

Preparing for a baby’s birth is a big undertaking. When the baby is going to be adopted, there are two families that must prepare. The birth family has to prepare for the physical and emotional impacts of the birth and everything that follows. The adoptive family must get ready to meet their new baby and…Read More

Birth Parents: Points to Remember During the Adoption Process

Many people in society think placing a child for adoption is an easy choice for the birth parents. These individuals don’t realize the amount of thought and anguish that likely went into this decision. The truth of the matter is that adoption is a lifelong commitment for the birth parents and the adoptive parents, but…Read More

4 Tips for Adoptive Parents

The decision adopt is life changing – for you and for the adoptive child.  The process isn’t always easy, and there may be stressful times until your able to complete your adoption. While it might be easy to focus on your immediate checklists of items to complete for your adoption such as your homestudy, background…Read More

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