Gulf Coast Adoptions to Open Mobile Alabama Location

Pensacola, FLA. (November 28, 2022) – Gulf Coast Adoptions, by Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon (GCA) is excited to announce a new location in Mobile, Alabama that will serve women who are facing unplanned pregnancies or who are no longer able to parent. The adoption practice has served Alabama and Florida for more than five years and starting December 1, will now have a physical location, 721 Oak Circle Dr. E., Mobile, Alabama, to meet with expectant mothers, birth parents and prospective adoptive families to provide guidance for their potential adoption plans. This announcements rounds out the firm’s celebration of National Adoption Awareness Month in November.

Gulf Coast Adoptions is an expectant mother/birth mother focused law firm that aims to set all parents up for success post placement. Expectant mothers are able to receive assistance which could include living expenses (rent, utilities, etc.) transportation, medical, counseling services, and maternity clothing, all pursuant to Alabama laws. With each member of the Gulf Coast Adoptions team having been personally affected by adoption, the team is poised to best serve the broad range of needs that their clients have.

“With this new location in Alabama, our hope is to give expectant mothers in Alabama more options to consider for themselves and their child,” said Clay Whittaker, Adoption Attorney. “We are looking forward to having a physical presence in Alabama that will also allow us to grow relationships with other adoption-focused community organizations such as the Oath Fund.”

Gulf Coast Adoptions is one of the many family-focused practice areas of Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon’s full-service law firm. Attorney Clay Whittaker and his wife Cheryl, Adoption Coordinator and Paralegal, bring their own personal experiences with adoption to the firm’s practice. Six years ago, Clay was practicing law as a board-certified construction attorney when the couple experienced the adoption process firsthand. They became the proud adoptive parents of their daughter, but they both felt they could have improved the adoption process.

“When we adopted our daughter, we didn’t have the transparency and communication we thought should be present and which we now make a primary focus.” said Clay. “We strive to build relationships between the adoptive parents and expecting mother/birth mother to foster trust that we feel is vital not only to the success of the adoption plan but their relationship as they move forward through life. We achieve this by open and frequent communication, honesty in the process and expectations, and by being sincere, listening and not judging.”

Gulf Coast Adoptions sets itself apart with its open communication and every call or text is answered by a seasoned member of the adoption team rather than a call center.

“We are available 24/7 to discuss matters with expectant mothers and birth mothers when issues or questions arise, or if they simply need a friendly ear,” said Clay. “We also communicate with prospective adoptive parents during and after hours to ensure their questions are fully answered and to remove as much of the uncertainly in the process that is possible.”

This new location is by appointment or a member of the GCA team can be scheduled to meet in a convenient location, as the firm practices throughout the state of Alabama. Spanish speaking translators are also available. Clay Whittaker is licensed to practice in Alabama and Florida, in both state and federal courts.

If you’re an expectant mother considering adoption for your child or are interested in adoption, you can contact Gulf Coast Adoptions 24/7 at 850-999-7977. Visit our page for more information.

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