Grandparent Adoption in Florida

Grandparent adoption in Florida allows a grandparent to become the legal parent of a child. You may be in a situation where you are already very involved in your grandchild’s life. Completing a grandparent adoption gives you legal rights as a parent. It gives the child certain rights and protections as your child.

Lawyer for Adoption of a Grandchild

We are Gulf Coast Adoptions. Lawyer Clay H. Whittaker and his wife Cheryl founded Gulf Coast Adoptions to serve people in completing adoptions. As a lawyer for grandparent-grandchild adoptions, we take care of the steps to complete the adoption. We understand errors that can occur which can create problems later. Our team completes the process efficiently so that there are no delays.

If you’re considering adopting your grandchild, you probably have many questions. We’re happy to talk with you for as long as you would like, with no cost or obligation. Sometimes we talk to people for hours when they are learning about their options. When we represent you, we use flat fees, because it’s more affordable.

To see how a lawyer may assist you with grandparent adoption in Florida, please contact us.

Can grandparents adopt a grandchild in Florida?

Yes! Grandparents can adopt a grandchild in Florida. Grandparent adoption is one of the most common types of adoption in Florida. A grandparent may adopt their grandchild whether they are married or single. Usually, both spouses must join in the petition unless one of the spouses is excused for good cause.

Benefits of adopting a grandchild

Some benefits of adopting a grandchild include:

  • Continuity within the family, keeping the family together through multiple generations
  • Stability for the child, long-term permanency
  • Acknowledging your role in raising your grandchild
  • Providing health insurance that may not otherwise be available for the child
  • Directing medical care for the child
  • The right to direct the child’s education
  • Strengthening the relationship between the caregiver and child

The decision to adopt a grandchild is extremely personal and specific to the family. Whatever your reasons, we are happy to talk about your situation as you make this important decision.

How to Adopt Your Grandchild in Florida

To adopt your grandchild in Florida, you petition the court. It’s a legal process. The petition states the identity of the child and the grandparent’s wish to adopt the child. A judge approves the adoption and issues a court order creating the new parent relationship.

There are several supporting documents needed with the petition. There will be a final court hearing to approve the adoption.

Legally Adopting a Grandchild

In some ways, legally adopting a grandchild is easier than other types of adoption. There is no home study required. If the child is 12 years or older, they must consent to the adoption. However, consent may be waived in some circumstances.

Does the parent have to consent to a grandparent adoption?

If a parent consents to a grandparent adoption, the process is much easier. There are some situations where consent is not required. Additionally, there are some circumstances in which an adoption may proceed without consent if the parent has abandoned the child and failed to provide emotional or financial support.

When you talk to our lawyer for grandparent adoptions at Gulf Coast Adoptions, we discuss the needed consent and your options if the parent doesn’t wish to consent.

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