Second-Parent Adoption in Florida

Second-parent adoption in Florida gives full rights to the second parent. Where one parent is already the legal parent of a child, second-parent adoption allows another unrelated and unmarried person to have the same legal status.

Having a domestic relationship, by itself, doesn’t confer parental rights to a second parent. There are many benefits to completing a second-parent adoption. It creates family stability and shows a commitment to the child. It allows the adopting parent to direct medical care, access health records and possibly even provide health insurance that would not be available otherwise. Completing a second-parent adoption allows the child to have inheritance rights.

If you are considering second-parent adoption in Florida, or if you believe another type of adoption is right for you, please contact Gulf Coast Adoptions. Our attorney handles second-parent adoptions for couples of all genders and situations.

Does Florida allow second-parent adoption?

Yes. Florida allows second-parent adoption to formalize the relationship between the second parent and the child. Usually, this arises in a situation where one person is the biological parent of the child and the other parent is not. A second-parent adoption allows both individuals to have equal status as legal parents.

What is the difference between second-parent adoption and step-parent adoption?

Second-parent adoption occurs when the couple is not married. Step-parent adoption occurs when the couple is married. The two processes are different – a step-parent adoption is streamlined, and a home study is not required.

The gender of the current and prospective parent doesn’t determine the process for second-parent or step-parent adoption. The process is the same for two men, and two women, opposite gender and transgender. The factor that determines what process to use is whether the couple is legally married.

Can my partner adopt my child if we are not married in Florida?

If you are not married to your significant other but want to adopt their child, you are seeking a second-parent adoption. In Florida, this type of adoption gives you full parental rights as any other adoption would.

What is the effect of a second-parent adoption in Florida?

A second-parent adoption in Florida confers full legal rights on the adopting parent. If the couple later separates, the parent who adopted has the same rights to custody and support for the child as the initial, or biological parent.

Contact an Attorney for Second Parent Adoption

The courts give significant scrutiny to a petition for second-parent adoption. The petition must show parental fitness and that adoption is in the best interests of the child. When you have an attorney for a second-parent adoption in Florida, you have a professional to prepare your case.

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we don’t just know the law — we know the system and its processes. We are dedicated to helping couples reach their goals in second-parent adoptions in Florida.

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