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Attorney for Special Needs Adoptions in Florida

Gulf Coast Adoptions is the husband and wife team of attorney Clay H. Whittaker and his wife, Cheryl. We can assist you if you are:

  • Looking to adopt a special needs child
  • A relative caregiver of a child who is in permanent custody of the state or a child-placing agency
  • Foster parents seeking to finalize the adoption of the children that you foster
  • Open to adopting a child with special needs
  • Considering placing a child with special needs for adoption, including special needs infant adoption
  • Evaluating your options and whether special needs adoption is right for your child

All adoptions are emotional and complex. However, some special considerations apply when adoption involves a special needs child.

It’s important to us that you have complete confidence in the decisions you are making and the process to come. Our special needs adoption attorney takes the time to fully explain everything and answer your questions.

What do you mean by special needs adoption in Florida?

Special needs adoption in Florida mostly refers to adoptions that qualify for the state adoption subsidy (Florida Statutes § 409.166). If a child meets the standard of being difficult to place for adoption, the adoptive family may receive a monthly subsidy and other support until the child reaches the age of 18.

A special needs adoption may also refer to the adoption of a child with special needs who does not qualify for the subsidy.

Special Needs Adoption – Help with Adoption Subsidy

Having the subsidy may make it possible for a child to have the stability of a permanent home. Our team understands the standards to qualify for the Florida adoption subsidy. We assist you with seeking the subsidy if your child qualifies.

What is the special needs adoption subsidy in Florida?

The special needs adoption subsidy in Florida is a monthly payment for families adopting children who qualify for the payment. The subsidy provides a monthly payment, usually $5,000 per year or $416.66 per month, to a family who adopts a child who is difficult to place for adoption according to the standards set by law.

How much is the special needs adoption subsidy in Florida?

Usually, the Florida special needs adoption subsidy is $5,000 per year or $416.66 per month. However, adoptive families and the state may agree on a different amount.

What is the law for special needs adoption in Florida?

Florida Statutes § 409.166 is the law establishing the special needs adoption subsidy and stating who qualifies.

What children qualify for the Florida state adoption subsidy?

A child qualifies for the Florida state adoption subsidy if they are considered difficult to place for adoption. That means that they are:

  1. In the permanent custody of the state or a licensed child-placing agency.
  2. Difficult to place because of one or more of the following:
  • 8 years old or older
  • Developmentally disabled
  • Physically or emotionally handicapped
  • In a racial group with disproportionate representation in state custody
  1. Still not placed despite a reasonable effort to place the child without a subsidy (does not apply to foster parents or relatives).

A foster parent or relative must be asked if they would adopt without a maintenance subsidy, but they may receive the subsidy.

What does the Florida adoption subsidy include?

The Florida adoption subsidy may include:

  • $5,000 per year, paid in monthly installments
  • Medicaid
  • Reimbursement of non-recurring adoption expenses
  • Tuition exemption for community college, university or career program

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