Same-Sex Adoption in Florida

Gulf Coast Adoptions handles adoptions for same-sex couples in Florida. If you are committed to growing your family through adoption, we are committed to achieving outcomes for your family. We know the system – not just the law. To see how our same-sex adoption attorney in Pensacola may assist you, contact us today.

Same-Sex Adoption Attorney

Clay H. Whittaker is an attorney representing couples and singles in same-sex adoptions throughout Florida. We are your representative and guide. Call us and we will explain your options and what you need to consider. We can give you confidence as you make decisions in the process.

As your attorney, we take care of everything. Completing an adoption means determining what legal process is necessary for your specific situation. It means compiling paperwork which may include a home study, marriage certificate, proof of fitness to adopt, an affidavit and consent of the parent placing the child for adoption. We take care of everything needed, understanding the unique challenges and representing your interests.

Our Services for Same-Sex Adoptions in Florida

  • We provide professional representation for same-sex couples and single, gay adults in the adoption process.
  • As experienced adoption lawyers, we know that birth mothers and other parents placing their children for adoption look for diverse families. If you are open to providing a loving home for a child, we want to help you.
  • As your representatives, we get to know you. We tell your story and your reasons for wanting to adopt. We facilitate communication with mothers looking to place their children for adoption.
  • Our representation for same-sex adoptions is full-service. We’ll take care of everything, both legally and by guiding you as you make decisions.

Our LGBTQ+ friendly adoption lawyer dedicated to your interests. Attorney Clay H. Whittaker goes beyond just being your lawyer. We focus on outcomes and the loving choice you are making by welcoming a child into your family.

Are gay people allowed to adopt in Florida?

Yes! Florida law allows gay people to adopt. The legal paperwork to complete depends on whether you are adopting as a married couple or single, but adoptions involving gay parents are no different than other adoptions.

How do I adopt as a gay single man in Florida?

To adopt as a gay single man in Florida, contact us at Gulf Coast Adoptions. You complete a home study and other paperwork that shows your fitness to adopt. When a child is identified for placement, you petition the court to finalize your adoption.

History of Same-Sex Adoptions in Florida

Florida made adoption by same-sex couples illegal in 1977. Despite court challenges, it remained illegal until 2010. That’s when the Florida Third District Court of Appeal decided In re Gill, 45 So.3d 79 (2010) (also called In re Matter of Adoption of X.X.G. and N.R.G.). The court found that the parents were otherwise fit and that it was only the law standing in the way of adoption. The court ruled that the law violated equal protection without a rational connection to the best interests of children.

The ruling became a statewide precedent. In 2015, lawmakers amended Florida Statutes § 63.042 to repeal the portion of the law that stated a homosexual was ineligible to adopt.

In addition, the U.S. Supreme Court case of Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S. 644 (2015) declared marriage to be a fundamental right. The court found that a ban on gay marriage violated due process and Fourteenth Amendment equal protection guarantees.

All of this is to say that – yes! Florida law protects your right to adopt as a same-sex couple. We would be delighted to represent you on your journey.

What to Expect in a Same-Sex Adoption with Gulf Coast Adoptions

  • Free consultations, with no obligation: Take all the time you need to meet our team.
  • Flat fees: Know exactly what your adoption will cost. There won’t be escalating costs. Sometimes, we spend hours talking to our clients, because we truly care.
  • Your adoption profile: We get to know your story, and we tell your story.
  • Completing your paperwork: There is a lot of paperwork to complete. We make sure it’s accurate and thorough.
  • Filing your petition: We formally file your petition for adoption.
  • Representing you at your final hearing: Our attorneys are by your side at this life-changing court hearing to finalize your adoption.
  • Answers to all your questions: With Gulf Coast Adoptions, you have a team to serve your needs throughout your case

We celebrate the commitment that you are making to your family, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Call or message us now to meet our team, learn more and start your case.

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