Cheryl Whittaker

Cheryl Whittaker


I was born and raised in the NOVA/DC area. One day, I decided on a whim to move to Florida. I packed a U-Haul and left Virginia with $300.00 in my pocket and headed out on a new adventure. I stopped in Jacksonville where I made fast friends and planted roots for many years. I have always had a passion for helping others so working in customer service was a natural fit for me. I spent years in the hospitality business doing everything from managing the front desk at a hotel, working in fine dining, and bartending to marketing and promotions in the music industry. After years of working jobs with untraditional hours, I sought out a new occupation.

I got my first legal job in Jacksonville. I started at the bottom rung, as a file clerk. I spent the next 20 years working my way up at various law firms throughout Florida. as I went to college and obtained my degree in Paralegal Studies. Throughout my legal career, I have primarily worked in the areas of personal injury, medical malpractice, and civil rights claims. As a seasoned paralegal, I possess a unique blend of legal expertise and genuine care for all the clients I work with.

In 2016, my husband Clay and I started the adoption process. I did endless amounts of research to find the right home study provider and consultant which ultimately resulted in the adoption of our daughter, Sloane. Going through the adoption process was challenging and intimidating. After our adoption experience, I wanted to make a positive impact by both helping women who experience unplanned pregnancy explore the option of adoption and guiding potential adoptive families through the adoption process. Thus, Gulf Coast Adoptions was started.

With a passion for helping others overcome obstacles, I bring a personal touch as I have navigated the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy. I understand the complexities that pregnant women face in such situations. This personal experience has fueled my dedication to supporting others going through similar circumstances. As a woman who has not only embraced adoption but also emerged as a beacon of support, I am uniquely positioned to guide and assist those seeking understanding without judgment. My commitment extends beyond the legal realm, creating a compassionate and understanding environment for those considering adoption for their child. I am a legal professional with a heartfelt connection to the journey of adoption.

And, you would not truly know me fully without knowing that I love cats, cactuses, food, music, travel, and enjoying life to its fullest!

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