Name Change After Adoption in Florida

Gulf Coast Adoptions can assist you with name change after adoption in Florida. A name change is usually completed as part of the adoption process. However, you may also complete it independently.

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Changing a Child’s Name Because of Adoption

Adoption is one of the most common reasons for a name change. At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we can assist you with changing a child’s name because of adoption. The steps to take may vary depending on whether the legal adoption is complete.

Can you change an adopted child’s name?

You can change an adopted child’s name if you have the consent of everyone with legal rights to the child. That means having the approval of the adopting parent or adopting parents. The parent who put the child up for adoption doesn’t have to approve the change if their rights have been terminated. Changing a child’s name because of adoption is fairly routine, but you must follow the correct steps to complete the name change.

How do you change the name of an adopted child?

The easiest way to change the name of an adopted child is during the adoption process. The adoptive parents request the name change, and the court orders it when the adoption is complete.

Name Change During Adoption

The final decree of adoption states the child’s name after adoption. Then, the court submits a form to The Office of Vital Statistics which issues the new birth certificate.

The adoptive parents may then request a copy of the new birth certificate (See Florida Statutes § 63.152, Application for new birth record).

Name Change After Adoption

Parents may change a child’s name after an adoption is complete. There may be reasons that the name change wasn’t done during the adoption, and it may be time to finalize the name change.

In that case, a parent or both parents together petition the court. They seek a name change on behalf of the minor child. If only one parent files for the change, the other parent completes a consent form.

You may change your adopted child’s name in Florida if:

  • The child is 17 years or younger (otherwise they may petition for an adult name change)
  • They are a Florida resident
  • All adults with legal rights to child consent
  • The change isn’t for an improper purpose

Can the court reject a child’s name change?

The court has discretion whether to approve a name change. If the child qualifies, it should be approved by the court. The court approves the change if there isn’t a reason not to allow it. Reasons that a child’s name change may be rejected are if an adult with legal rights to the child does not consent or if the change is for an improper purpose.

Changing a child’s name without consent

I share legal custody with my child’s other parent – but I’d like the child to have the last name of my new spouse. Is that possible?

If your child’s other parent still has parental rights, it may be difficult to complete a name change. If the legal parent agrees to the change and executes a consent form, then you can proceed. However, if the other parent doesn’t agree, it’s difficult to get court approval, even if you are the one with primary custody.

If your spouse is completing a stepparent adoption, with termination of the other parent’s rights, the name change can be completed as part of the adoption. However, if the other parent maintains legal rights to the child, the court will be skeptical of the request. You may still petition the court and ask for a hearing.

Help with a Child’s Name Change After Adoption

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we focus on outcomes for families. Let us help you with a child’s name change after adoption. We don’t just know the law – we know the system. We will represent your interests and work towards your legal goals with an efficient process.

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