Step-Parent Adoption Lawyer in Pensacola, FL

Get legal help from a step-parent adoption lawyer in Pensacola, FL at Gulf Coast Adoptions. We take care of the steps to complete your step-parent adoption.

Gulf Coast Adoptions is the husband and wife team of lawyer Clay H. Whittaker and his wife, Cheryl. We believe in the importance of communication with your lawyer. Our team takes care of the paperwork and documents needed for a step-parent adoption. We take care of everything, with full-service representation.

Talk to a Lawyer for Step-Parent Adoption

You can talk to a lawyer for step-parent adoption by calling or messaging us. We talk to prospective clients with no obligation – sometimes for hours. We want you to have the answers that you need for your family.

Step-Parent Adoption Lawyer – How We Help

When you work with Gulf Coast Adoptions, you have a lawyer to help you with:

  • Determining if step-parent adoption is an option in your case
  • Understanding what step-parent adoption accomplishes
  • Completing your petition for adoption, filing it with the court
  • Gathering the documentation and affidavits needed for your petition
  • Showing consent of an older child to be adopted
  • Getting consent to adoption from the other legal parent, if applicable
  • Identifying things that may be especially important in your case
  • Attending your hearing and representing you

In Gulf Coast Adoptions, you have full support for your step-parent adoption. Our experienced team takes care of everything, including representing you in court.

Why choose our lawyers

Step-parent adoption is a life-changing decision. At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we don’t just prepare legal paperwork. We focus on outcomes. The difference in choosing us as your adoption lawyer is our communication. You have a legal team that takes the time to explain everything and answer your questions.

With flat fees, you know exactly what it’s going to cost to have an experienced lawyer taking care of your step-parent adoption. We talk with clients and prospective clients for hours, making sure that you have confidence in the process.

Step-parent adoption is a critical decision for the entire family. We give you the information you need to make a loving choice for your family. Then, we take care of everything to finalize the adoption.

Step-Parent Adoption in Florida

To adopt a step-child in Florida, you file a petition with the court. The step-parent seeking adoption is the petitioner.

The petition states the vital information – the name of the child to be adopted, a statement of the wish to adopt the child, and affirming the ability to provide for the child. The petition states that the step-parent is married to the child’s lawful parent.

In some ways, a step-parent adoption in Florida is easier than other types of adoption. Usually, there is no home study or waiting period. A home study may be required for a good cause. (Florida Statutes § 63.092(3)).

What is a step-parent adoption?

A step-parent adoption is when someone adopts their spouse’s child. Either a stepmother or step-father may adopt their spouse’s child.

What are the benefits of step-parent adoption?

Step-parent adoption comes with many benefits, including:

  • Commitment of the parent to the child
  • Sense of belonging and completeness of the family
  • Health insurance that may not be available for the child otherwise
  • Inheritance rights
  • Legal rights to school and medical records
  • A legal relationship that continues if something should happen to the other parent
  • Authority to direct the child’s upbringing

Step-parent adoption comes with legal and personal benefits. When you contact us for your consultation, our lawyer can discuss the benefits and make sure you understand the choice that you are making.

What is a step-parent adoption in Florida?

A step-parent adoption in Florida creates a legal parent-child relationship between the step-parent and the child. If the marriage between the biological parent and step-parent dissolves, the step-parent has full parental rights and may seek custody.

What if the other biological parent is deceased?

If the other biological parent is deceased, you may submit a death certificate instead of consent for a step-parent adoption.

Start Your Step-Parent Adoption in Pensacola, Florida

To start your step-parent adoption in Pensacola, Florida, contact lawyer Clay H. Whittaker at Gulf Coast Adoptions.

We can assist you 24/7 if you have questions about starting your journey.

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