Open Adoption in Florida

Open adoption in Florida is the direct placement of a child for adoption with a family chosen by the birth parent. Those involved are free to exchange information as they choose, working through an intermediary like Gulf Coast Adoptions.

Gulf Coast Adoptions is an adoption law firm and attorney for open adoption in Florida. We handle open adoptions in Florida, with offices in four locations throughout the state and an office in Mobile, Alabama. A future office will open soon in Texas. If you are considering open adoption for your child, or if you are looking to grow your family through adoption, please contact our friendly, caring and professional team.

What is the meaning of open adoption?

Open adoption is the direct placement of a child for adoption. The birth mother chooses who will adopt their child. The adoptive parents petition the court, completing the paperwork with representation from an attorney. Adopting parents and birth parents choose the amount of information sharing and interaction, but at a minimum, they know each other’s identities and often communicate and interact after placement.

Is Florida an open adoption state?

Florida allows both open and closed adoptions. The birth parent placing their child for adoption chooses open adoption and works with adoptive parents who also want an open process. Information is known and exchanged from the beginning of the process.

How do you start an open adoption?

To start an open adoption, contact us and ask about open adoption in Florida. If you have already identified a potential adoptive family, we can work with everyone to take the needed steps. If you are looking for an adoptive family, or you are a couple or person wanting to adopt, we can help you. Contact us to see how we connect families through the loving process of open adoption.

What is the process for an open adoption from birth?

  • A birth mom decides that open adoption is right for them.
  • They select the adoptive parents or parents that they feel are right for their child. (Gulf Coast Adoptions can help with this process.)
  • Gulf Coast Adoptions facilitates communication between the birth mom and the adoptive parents, at any level you choose. You may choose to meet in person, talk over the phone, or we can exchange information on your behalf.
  • The adoptive parents show their fitness to adopt, including a home study.
  • When the baby is born, the mother completes a consent form, and the child is placed with the adoptive family. The birth mother chooses the level of involvement of the adoptive parents at the hospital and afterward.
  • Consent from the biological father is not required in some If it is necessary, the father completes an affidavit releasing his parentage.
  • Gulf Coast Adoptions files the paperwork to complete the adoption.
  • The court holds a final hearing and issues an order of adoption.

Who can adopt through an open adoption?

You may adopt through open adoption:

  • If you are married or single
  • Whether or not you already have children
  • If you rent or own your home
  • Regardless of your income, as long as you can support a child
  • In a relationship with someone of a different gender or the same gender

There is no typical adoptive family. You must be able to provide for a child emotionally and financially, but wealth is not required. Through an open adoption, the birth mother chooses the right placement for their child.

Florida open adoption for expectant mothers

If you are a birth mother considering making a difficult but loving choice for your child, we welcome you to contact our caring team. Through open adoption, you choose what is best for your baby. You can receive support during your pregnancy including having your rent and utilities covered, maternity clothes, food and other expenses.

We talk for hours with mothers who are considering their child’s future – for free. We treat you with unconditional respect. There is no obligation, and we never use an answering service or call screener. Our team is attorney Clay H. Whittaker and his wife, Cheryl. We have birth mothers on staff who have considered and placed a child for adoption just like you. We invite you to contact us to talk about your situation.

Florida open adoption for couples looking to adopt

If you are looking to adopt, Gulf Coast Adoptions can assist you. An open adoption is an extremely personal process. There is also a great deal of paperwork and legal steps that must be correct.

We started Gulf Coast Adoptions as adoptive parents ourselves. We felt that the experience could be more personal, and that’s what we aim to provide our clients. Please contact us now to discuss your family goals and learn more about our services.

Benefits of Open Adoption

Benefits of open adoption include:

  • A birth mother can choose their child’s adoptive placement, knowing they’re making the right decision for their child.
  • Open communication of the child’s history and life story.
  • Access to a health history for the child.
  • The biological parent can receive updates and information.
  • The child knows their history and background.

Ultimately, the benefits of open adoption are specific to those involved.

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we focus on your well-being, treating you with respect. We want what is best for the child and everyone involved.

What is the result of an open adoption?

The result of an open adoption is that the adoptive parents have full legal rights to the adopted child. The adoptive parent and biological parent may exchange information. However, open adoption is not co-parenting. The biological parent has no legal rights once parental rights are terminated.

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we spend hours talking to expectant moms and prospective adoptive parents. We’re happy to answer all your questions as you consider the loving choice that you are making for your child.

Legal Help with an Open Adoption in Florida

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we focus on outcomes. We welcome birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents to learn about our services. We believe in good communication so that everyone involved feels confident in their decisions.

For legal help with an open adoption in Florida, contact our team today.

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