For Florida Birth Moms

Unplanned pregnancy? More questions than answers? That’s okay. We are here to listen, not judge, and to help provide you the answers you need to make an informed decision.

There are many factors that may make adoption the right choice for you — whether it is finances, timing, or your current situation. Expectant mothers choose adoption for their baby for many reasons, but the most common thread among them is love. They deeply love their child but know that — at this point in their life — they are unable to provide the life they believe their child deserves. Choosing adoption does not mean that you are giving up. It means that you are giving your love to your child and your baby’s adoptive family.

Every member of our team has been personally involved in adoption and many are birth mothers who have been in your shoes. We understand and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

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How We Can Help

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, our mothers are #1. We answer the phone 24/7 and we don’t use legal speak. We will be available day and night to help you get through your pregnancy and set you up for success post placement.

In addition, we can help you receive many of support services throughout Florida and Alabama. You may be entitled to various forms of support, including living expenses, rent, maternity clothing, transportation, and associated expenses during and up to 6 weeks after your pregnancy. We will also encourage you to take advantage of counseling from a licensed provider, both during and after your pregnancy.

Our Services

What we can do to make the adoption process easier for you, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Live Services

We are available to answer your call and provide support 24/7. If you are pregnant and wondering if anybody "will adopt my baby" or are not sure what to do, give us at Gulf Coast Adoptions a call. You can depend on confidential services from our adoption coordinators and support staff. A loving adoptive family is waiting to meet you.


Not sure if putting your baby up for adoption is the right thing to do? Gulf Coast Adoptions can help you receive counseling from qualified, local professionals. Expectant mothers of all ages and at any stage of their pregnancy or adoption process are eligible. To learn more, call us today.

Medical Care

We can help you receive the medical care you and the baby need through each stage of your pregnancy. Gulf Coast Adoptions has identified qualified and trusted local medical providers in your area. We can even help you arrange transportation to your appointments. Even if you decide to put your baby up for adoption, you still want to make sure they, and you, are healthy.

Financial Support

For those who are pregnant and putting their baby up for adoption, financial support may be available for those who need assistance with living expenses. This includes rent, utilities, food, toiletries, maternity clothing, and household expenses, as well as other items you need as an expecting mother. This aid will allow you go through your pregnancy with fewer worries about finances and other basic needs.

Selection of the Adoptive Parents

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we strive to make the expectant mother's adoption process as simple and stress-free as possible. During our initial meeting, we simply want to get to know you and help you determine if adoption is the right choice for you. If you elect to proceed, we will help you identify the essential qualities, values, and attributes that you would like your child’s future adoptive parents to have. Using that information, we will hand-select adoptive parents that meet as many of those values as possible. Prospective adoptive parents will provide you with informational booklet introducing themselves and explaining their desire to adopt. Even after you have selected your child’s future adoptive parents, you have the opportunity, but are not required, to meet them in person to reaffirm you are making the best choice for you and your child.

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