Zach Harris

Zach Harris


Zach Harris

A few decades ago, my story began in Marion, Iowa. I graduated from Linn-Mar High School and pursued a degree in accounting at the University of Iowa.

After accepting that accounting was not my calling, I decided to move to Pensacola, Florida. That’s when I found Clay & Cheryl at Gulf Coast Adoptions. As I have learned, adoption requires a significant investment and is shared by all in the adoption journey. There is no exclusion for Clay, Cheryl, and me; we all work tirelessly because we understand the sacrifice everyone is making. Working for Gulf Coast Adoptions, I can be authentic and use my talents to help others in a way that feels fulfilling and necessary. Clay and Cheryl have admirable work ethic and put their whole heart into their business. I’m lucky to share that sentiment and assist two wonderful people in pursuing their goal of helping others. Many years in the future, I too hope to grow my own family through adoption.

Outside of work, I spend much of my free time playing video games or watching thriller/horror movies and shows. I’m a jumpy person so it’s quite entertaining for everyone. While quite counterproductive, I also enjoy cardio exercises and baking desserts. You’ll always find me listening to music no matter where I am. In another life, I probably would have tried out a comedy career but in this one, I just try to give people something to laugh along with.

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