Private Adoption Lawyer in Pensacola, FL

Gulf Coast Adoptions is a private adoption lawyer in Pensacola, Florida. We handle private adoptions, helping birth mothers and adoptive parents through the entire process.

Lawyer Clay H. Whittaker and his wife Cheryl are the professional and caring team of Gulf Coast Adoptions. We work to complete your private adoption quickly and accurately. We provide the personalized attention and care that you need from a private adoption lawyer. To see how we can assist you, contact us now.

Private Domestic Adoption in Florida

From our offices in Pensacola, and with additional offices in Florida and Alabama, we handle private adoptions throughout both states. A state, soon to be included, is the State of Texas. We may assist you if you are:

  • An expectant mother or birth mother considering the loving choice of private adoption for your child
  • A couple or single person wishing to adopt
  • Birth parents and an adopting family who have already identified each other
  • Either a birth parent or prospective adoptive family looking to make a connection with a child or adoptive family
  • Pursuing private adoption of a relative, or needing to complete a second parent adoption

Clay H. Whittaker is a private adoption lawyer in Pensacola. Our law firm handles private adoptions in a variety of circumstances, always with professional representation and caring service.

The decision to adopt, or to place a child for adoption, is a personal and emotional one. Having a lawyer to take care of the legal steps is important. We want to give you confidence in your child’s future and set you up for success post-placement.

What is private adoption in Florida?

Private adoption in Florida is the direct placement of a child for adoption between the expecting birth parents or current legal parents, and the adoptive parents.

Private Adoption Process in Florida

The private adoption process in Florida begins with the connection of a birth parent or current parent with adoptive parents. Lawyer Clay Whittaker and his wife Cheryl will explain the entire process, making sure that everyone involved has clear expectations.

To initiate the adoption, we file a petition with the court. The petition identifies the child to be adopted and gives other important details. The adoptive parents obtain a home study that shows their fitness to adopt a child. The parent with legal custody gives their consent. The court makes sure that the information is complete.

Choose our experienced and caring team

As adoptive parents ourselves, we believe that the adoption process should be personal. What sets us apart as a private adoption lawyer is our communication. We spend hours talking with prospective adoptive parents and those considering adoption with no fee or obligation. With flat fees for our representation, you don’t have to worry about escalating costs.

We never use a call screener or an answering service. When you call us, you’ll talk to us. Come meet our experienced and caring team with a free consultation.

Talk to a Private Adoption Lawyer in Pensacola

Gulf Coast Adoptions is currently accepting new clients. Learn more about your options with a private adoption lawyer. Meet our team and learn about our services.

Gulf Coast Adoptions operates in Pensacola and throughout Florida and Alabama. Call or message us to talk to a lawyer now.

Private Adoption FAQs

Is private adoption right for me?

To learn more about private adoption and whether it is right for you, we invite you to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We can talk about the benefits of private adoption and your situation. We want you to have the information you need to make the right choice for your family.

Can a single person adopt in Florida?

Yes! Single people can legally adopt in Florida. We would be proud to help you grow your family if you adopt as a single person.

Does the birth father have to cooperate for a Florida private adoption?

A birth father must take affirmative steps to assert their legal rights. Otherwise, their child may be placed for adoption without their cooperation.

As a birth mom, can I receive support for essentials with a private adoption?

Yes! If you pursue a private adoption, you may receive help with essential needs during your pregnancy, including housing, utilities, food, maternity clothes, toiletries and health care.

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