7 Holiday Tips from Gulf Coast Adoptions

The joy of bringing a new child home in time for the holidays is a marvelous feeling for adoptive parents. Our lawyer for adoption knows that this can also come with some challenges for these families, especially in the first year.

Holiday Tips for Adoptive Families

Consider these tips to make the holidays as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

  • Choose your traditions carefully. Holiday traditions are a big part of memories for children. Consider adding some that incorporate your child’s ethnicity or birth culture.
  • Carve out alone time. You don’t want your family overwhelmed by always having places to go. Planning some downtime can give everyone a chance to refocus and feel refreshed.
  • Include your child’s birth parents if you have an open adoption. Some adoptive parents invite the birth parents to a gathering; others choose to just share pictures.
  • Document the milestones. A picture of your child’s visit to Santa or a written account of your child’s first parade are nice things to include in your child’s memory box.
  • Share your joy. Your family members might want to meet your new little one. Plan for time to make this happen during the holidays, but remember that large gatherings might overwhelm the child.
  • Set clear rules. If you are just bringing your child home, you need to ensure that family members know your rules. For example, washing their hands before touching a newborn keeps the baby protected. Avoiding kisses on the baby’s face might also be necessary.
  • Avoid sick individuals. The winter is the prime season for influenza and RSV. Ask that anyone who is sick avoid spending time with your new family so that your holidays aren’t filled with illness.

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