How Can I Let My Friend Adopt My Baby

While many women considering adoption hand-select prospective parents after reviewing profile books of waiting families, some women faced with unplanned pregnancies are fortunate to have friends that want to adopt their children. Allowing a friend to parent your child allows birth parents to provide their children with safe and loving homes while maintaining contact with them throughout their lives. Simply because a birth mother chooses a friend to adopt her baby does not mean that they can bypass the appropriate procedures and required filings, though, and it is smart for people interested in having a friend adopt their child to talk to a seasoned adoption attorney in the state of Florida as soon as possible.

How Can I Let My Friend Adopt My Baby?

Under Florida and Alabama law, an attorney can be retained to complete an adoption. It is wise for the biological parent(s) who want their friend to adopt their child or unborn child to retain legal counsel, however, to ensure that the process is completed properly and to protect their rights and the child’s interests. An experienced adoption attorney can help the birth mother and adoptive parent navigate the legal complexities of adoption and advise them on what to expect going forward through the adoption process.

The Home Study Process

Pursuant to Florida law, potential adoptive parents that are not related to or married to the birth mother must undergo a home study to ensure that they can provide the child with a safe and nurturing environment. They must provide character references, submit statements indicating why they want to adopt, undergo a criminal background check, child abuse clearances, medical clearance, and submit financial documentation.

Once a home study has been approved the potential adoptive parents are able to take placement upon the birth of the child. The child will be placed with the adoptive parents and reside with them before the adoption is finalized. After placement in the adoptive parent’s home, monthly home visits will be conducted to affirm the potential parent(s) are providing the child with a good environment and that the placement was in the best interest of the child. Eventually, a hearing will be held, and the adoption will be finalized.

Help Available Throughout the Pregnancy and Post-Placement Support

When a birth mother’s friend adopts her baby, the friend may also support the mother throughout her pregnancy and six weeks post-placement. In other words, they may provide the birth mother with shelter, maternity clothes, and living expenses and may cover the cost of her medical care. Any financial assistance would go through the attorney.

Attorneys facilitating friend adoptions can offer substantial support to the birth mother as well so that they do not have to go through the adoption process alone.

Talk to a Dedicated Pensacola Adoption Lawyer

If you want to learn about how a friend can adopt your child, you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible. Clay H. Whittaker of Gulf Coast Adoptions is a dedicated Pensacola adoption lawyer who can advise you of your options and help you to complete your child’s adoption. Gulf Coast Adoptions is able to assist with private adoption, relative adoption, stepparent adoption, and adult adoption throughout the states of Florida and Alabama. Call today at 850-999-7977 to set up a confidential and free consultation. We are available online 24/7 for expectant mothers considering adoption for their child.

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