I Just Found Out I Am Pregnant – What Should I Do?

Women who unexpectedly become pregnant may feel overwhelmed, especially if they lack the desire or means to raise a child. In many instances, women dealing with unplanned pregnancies wonder what options they have under Florida law. If you just found out you are pregnant and want to know what to do, it is smart to speak to a dedicated adoption lawyer in Pensacola, FL about your rights.

What Should I Do If I Found Out I’m Pregnant?

The first thing you should do if you are pregnant is to schedule an appointment with an OB-GYN to confirm that you are pregnant, determine how far along you are, whether the pregnancy is progressing normally, and whether you have any health issues that increase your risk of complications.

It is also important to consider all of your options. Some women faced with unplanned pregnancies ultimately choose to parent their children. Many others, however, realize that they are not ready to be parents and explore other options. In Florida, pregnant women have the right to obtain abortions, but only up until 15 weeks of gestation. If the fetus’s gestational age is more than 15 weeks, abortion is usually prohibited, with some exceptions. Some women choose not to have abortions, either for religious or personal reasons, and look into adoption.

If you choose to place your unborn child for adoption, you then have to determine whether you would like a closed or open adoption. In a closed adoption, the birth parents generally will not have any contact with their child after they are adopted. Conversely, an open adoption will allow you to determine what degree of contact you would like to maintain with your child after the placement is complete. Open adoption may be a good choice for you if you would like to be involved in their children’s lives after they are adopted.

Many pregnant women trying to determine their best option feel overwhelmed by the number of choices they have to make. As such, it is beneficial for them to contact an attorney as soon as possible to help them fully understand their options and rights. Additionally, if they choose adoption, their attorney can help them obtain the emotional and financial support they need during their pregnancy and after their child is placed for adoption.

Contact a Seasoned Pensacola Adoption Lawyer

If you just found out you are pregnant and are contemplating what steps to take next, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney to discuss your options. At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we have experience helping women faced with unplanned pregnancies determine what choices will best suit their goals. With offices in Florida and Alabama, we are available to you 24/7 whenever you have questions or need to talk to someone. You do not have to do this alone! You can call us at 850-999-7977 or contact our attorney online.

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