Questions to Ask an Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is life-changing for everyone involved. The adoption lawyer that you work with will play a significant role in the process. It’s important to know what questions you ask.

The questions that you ask an adoption lawyer can help you determine if adoption is right for you and if the lawyer is right for you.

Here are key considerations to ask about adoption for both birth mothers and adoptive parents.

For Birth Mothers — What to Ask an Adoption Attorney

How does a lawyer help with an adoption?

A lawyer does the legal paperwork to complete the adoption. They handle the legal steps that need to be done for the adoption. Along the way, they answer your questions and provide legal guidance.

How much does adoption cost for the birth parents?

Rest assured that we don’t charge anything for birth mothers or fathers. Our services for you are completely free. In addition, you can get help for your expenses for pregnancy and delivery including housing costs, medical care, food, and personal expenses.

What is the difference between open adoption and closed adoption?

Birth mothers who place their children for adoption have a lot of say in the process. You may choose an open or closed adoption.

An open adoption allows the exchange of information and the possibility of receiving communications about your child. In a closed adoption, the birth mother doesn’t exchange information with the adoptive parent or parents.

We’re happy to talk about open and closed options and what might be best for you.

Can I choose the adoptive parents?

Yes. If you choose to make the loving and difficult choice to place your baby for adoption, you may choose the adoptive parents. We have many families that are looking to grow their families through adoption. These families are diverse. We invite you to learn more about them by viewing their profiles.

What is your experience working with birth mothers?

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we’ve worked with many birth mothers over the years. It is our privilege and our mission to help them — mothers just like you. We help without judgment, and we’re happy to talk on the phone with you for free.

With years of experience, we provide caring help and guidance. Adoption is a personal process, and we are proud to provide caring, individualized legal services.

What is the time frame for adoption?

As a birth mother, knowing what to expect with the adoption timeline can help you prepare. A lawyer can explain the process and the time frame for adoption.

For Parents Hoping to Adopt – Questions To Ask About Adoption

What kinds of cases do you handle?

Not all attorneys are the same. You need a lawyer who handles the type of adoption that you are pursuing in the location where the adoption will occur. At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we handle a wide variety of adoption cases. Ask us about your situation and how we can assist you.

What is your experience as an adoption lawyer?

An important part of serving as an adoption lawyer is knowing what things may arise and preventing problems before they occur. That means relying on our experience. Ask about our years of experience in adoption law and how that prepares us to handle your case.

How does the adoption process work?

There are multiple types of adoption. The process varies depending on the type of adoption.

There are timelines to be aware of, and a great deal of paperwork. Preparing for the process means understanding the steps. We’ll explain the adoption process in detail and answer your questions.

Are there things that may stand in the way of adopting?

Some considerations may make it difficult to adopt. We can review these things with you. We’ll talk about qualifications to adopt including criminal record, finances, and personal health.

How do you charge for legal services?

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we know that legal fees are a significant concern for our clients. That’s why we work on a flat fee basis. We give you clear, straightforward information about how we charge for legal services.

What is the financial commitment involved with adoption?

The adoption process is a significant financial commitment. We can give you an estimate of costs.

What is a home study?

A significant part of preparing for adoption is the home study. Our firm has relationships with home study providers that perform the necessary interview, background check, and paperwork for this important step.

What is a profile book?

A profile book introduces your family and your desire to adopt. Our law firm has relationships with profile specialists who can help introduce your family to mothers who may be looking to place their child for adoption.

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