Adoption Process as a Single Parent in Florida

In many ways, the adoption process for a single parent in Florida is the same as it is for married couples.

You must complete a home study, prove your fitness to adopt, and complete a court proceeding.

There are important things you should know about single-parent adoption. At Gulf Coast Adoptions, our experienced Pensacola adoption lawyers help singles grow their family through adoption.

Can Single Parents Adopt in Florida?

Yes. Florida Statutes § 63.042(2)(b) says that an unmarried adult can adopt in Florida. Single parents are eligible to adopt just like married parents and married individuals in certain circumstances. All adopting parents must complete pre-adoption requirements and the legal process.

What Percent of Adoptions in the United States Are to Single Parents?

According to the National Council for Adoption, 27.9% of adoptions in the United States are to single individuals.

  • 68.8% of adoptions in the United States are to married couples.
  • 24.7% of those adopting are single women.
  • 3.2% of those adopting are single men.
  • 3.3% of those adopting are unmarried couples.

Children who are adopted are more likely to live in a one-parent household than other children. Of all children, 21% live in single-parent homes. For adopted children, the figure is 29%. However, children in the care of their birth parents are more likely to live with cohabitating, unmarried parents than adopted children.

Single Parent Adoption

Single-parent adoption is when an individual adopts a child. In this case, the child has one legal parent, rather than two. With single-parent adoption:

  • You may or may not have other children
  • The child may or may not be related to you
  • Domestic and international adoptions are possible
  • Private and foster care adoptions are possible
  • Men and women, fathers and mothers, may become single adoptive parents

Adoptions involving a single parent take place in a variety of situations and circumstances, and all of them can result in a loving home for a child. Florida law recognizes the value of adoption into one-parent families, and the process is substantially similar to other adoptions.

Exploring Single-Parent Adoption in Florida

Single-parent adoption is legal in Florida. It is common, and it is good. More single parents are adopting than ever before. If you are considering growing your family through adoption, Gulf Coast Adoptions is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Contact us to talk to our team about your adoption wishes and see how we assist you.

Single-parent adoption statistics

In the 1970s, single-parent adoptions accounted for only .05%-4% of all adoptions. Today, approximately 28% of those adopting from foster care are single parents.

Can a single parent adopt internationally?

Yes. Single parents are eligible to adopt internationally if the sending country allows it. Single parents account for a relatively small percentage of international adoptions, with only 18% of international adoptions to the United States being completed by single-parent households.

Countries may place restrictions or additional scrutiny on singles, while the increased costs associated with international adoption may be a factor. These and other reasons may contribute to international single-parent adoptions being less common than domestic adoptions.

Legal Requirements for a Single-Parent Adoption in Florida

The legal requirements for a single-parent adoption in Florida are similar to the requirements for all adoptions. You must prove your fitness to adopt, and there may be extra scrutiny on such things as your income and whether your job is flexible enough to allow for the demands of parenting alone.

Adoption requirements include a home study, which looks at your living situation, health history, and social background. You’ll identify a child for adoption and complete legal paperwork. Finally, the case goes to court for approval.

Overcoming Common Challenges in Single-Parent Adoption

There are challenges in lone-parent adoption and pros and cons to consider, such as time management and financial well-being. Social support is also an important consideration. Fortunately, you receive education in the adoption process, and there are resources and support available to you.

Reach Out to Our Pensacola Adoption Lawyers

At Gulf Coast Adoptions, we serve adopting parents of all kinds – each adopting parent is making a wonderful choice to grow their family through adoption. We invite you to reach out to our Pensacola adoption lawyers to learn more about the adoption process as a single parent in Florida. Call or message us now.

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