Teen Pregnancy

While the number of teen pregnancies has decreased in the past few years, there are still young ladies who find themselves in this position. This can be a frightening time for these teens while they come to terms with the situation and determine how they plan to proceed.

Some teens might try to hide the pregnancy, but this soon becomes impossible as the pregnancy progresses. Our Pensacola, Florida adoption lawyer shares how you can face the situation head-on.

Find Someone You Trust to Talk To

You shouldn’t try to go through the pregnancy alone. You need to find a trusted adult to tell about your situation. Ideally, this will be your parent; however, not all teens feel able to talk to their parents about this. Other options might be a teacher, pastor, guidance counselor or best friend’s parent. Ultimately, it’s ideal to talk to your parents about your pregnancy, and these trusted confidants can make that discussion easier.

Try not to put all this off too long. You have a baby who is depending on you right now. You need to get medical care as quickly as possible. Having your parents to help you obtain this can make it easier. Plus, you can get the support that you need at home. Even if your parents are upset that you are pregnant, they still love you.

Learn All You Can About Pregnancy

Your body is going to go through major changes while you are pregnant. Read all you can about the upcoming months so you have an idea of what to expect. Remember that what you read is just a general guideline. You might have some of the pregnancy-related issues and not others.

One thing that surprises some pregnant teens is how much their emotions are impacted. You may feel happy one moment and sad the next. You may then go quickly to worrying. All of this is normal, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy to deal with. Try to find people who are available to talk to you about things at any time of the day or night.

Keep up With School

Only around half of teen mothers obtain their high school diploma before they are 22 years old. It isn’t going to be easy to keep up with your schooling, but it can help you to have a solid foundation for your life.

Some schools offer programs specifically for pregnant teens or teen mothers. You can ask a guidance counselor at your school if there are any that might benefit you. The more help you get, the better you might fare.

Exploring Your Options for the Baby

As you can imagine, raising a baby is hard work, and it is expensive. If you decide to raise the baby, you need to ensure that you have a good support system that can help you with the baby. This includes having someone who can watch the baby for you to go to school and to work so you have a way to support yourself and the baby. If you and the father are still in a relationship, you will have to work together to create a plan for how to best support the child. There is a chance that you can get child support from the father if he is not actively supporting the child.

You also have the option of placing the child for adoption. For many pregnant teens, this is the best option. It will give you a chance to ensure that the child has a loving and stable home. Since another couple is raising the child, you will be able to focus on bettering your life. If you choose this option, remember that the baby’s father likely will need to sign the adoption papers. If you aren’t sure who he is, contact an adoption specialist for assistance.

One thing that many pregnant teens appreciate about adoption is that many adoptions these days are open, which gives you some control over the adoption. When it is open, you can choose the adoptive parents. You can work with them to set up an arrangement for how much contact you can have with them and the baby. These plans are individualized, so be sure that you are working out a deal you are comfortable with.

Call Us If You Plan on Placing Your Baby for Adoption

Being a pregnant teen isn’t the end of the world. You do have options and many people who can help you through this. If you are interested in adoption, call us at 850-999-7977 to speak to one of our professionals at Gulf Coast Adoptions. You can also reach us through our contact form. We are here to help you find a loving family for your child.

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