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Gulf Coast Adoption’s blog page is dedicated to spreading awareness and informing visitors about all things adoption-related so you can more easily navigate this process. Whether you’re a birth mother looking to give your baby up for adoption or you’re a family looking to become adoptive parents, we have a wealth of information here to share with you!

The Difference Between Foster Care and Adoption

Father holding daughter

Not all children are provided the love, care, and support they deserve.  Some individuals’ life choices or circumstances simply make it impossible for them to properly raise their children. When this happens, foster families and potential adoptive parents step in to help provide what is missing. If you are one of the many people willing…Read More

What is an Adoption Home Study?

Mother cuddling with children

When you are adopting a child, you must begin with a home study. An adoption home study is an overview of your life. It consists of a criminal background check, health clearance, a review of your finances, an assessment of your marriage, partnership, and other personal relationships. A home study is used by the courts…Read More

Private Adoption and COVID-19

Mother and baby wearing protective masks

In only a few short weeks, the COVID-19 virus has changed the way Americans live. Commerce has ceased in most cities, people have stopped socializing, celebrating, traveling, and interacting with those outside of their households. The pandemic has confused and frightened many people. But some individuals are more vulnerable to its effects than others. If…Read More

What to Do If Someone Wants You to Adopt Their Child

Adult holding baby's hand

Expectant Mothers – Considering Adoption for My Baby Not everyone who becomes pregnant is ready to raise a child. Unplanned pregnancies can happen.  They are not limited to single women as many women who are married or in long-term committed relationships consider adoption if they are simply not ready to parent their child or another…Read More

Difference Between an Expectant Mother and a Birth Mother

Expectant mother

An unexpected pregnancy can be a surprising and shocking development in your life. Deciding what to do about the pregnancy can be stressful. If your life circumstances make it hard for you to raise a child, then you will have serious choices to make. Ending the pregnancy is an option. However, if you are not…Read More

I’m Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption for My Baby

Mother holding baby

An unexpected pregnancy can bring with it many mixed feelings. You may have feelings of joy and sadness, delight and fear, love and sorrow. If your life circumstances make it impossible for you to raise and support a child, the range of emotions you feel can be highly stressful. Deciding what to do about the…Read More

Adopting a Family Member vs. Private Adoption

Adoptive family walking hand-in-hand

Relative Adoption When many people hear the word “adoption”, they think of the common scenario of a couple adopting a child not related to them by blood. However, there are several types of adoption, and many adoptions take place within a family unit including adoptions of a nephew, niece, grandchild or stepchild. Courts prefer the…Read More

Teen Pregnancy

While the number of teen pregnancies has decreased in the past few years, there are still young ladies who find themselves in this position. This can be a frightening time for these teens while they come to terms with the situation and determine how they plan to proceed. Some teens might try to hide the…Read More

Communication Tips in an Open Adoption

Historically, adoptions were secret arrangements that were filled with confidentiality. The birth parents and adoptive parents didn’t know each other. The child was left with many questions about their birth family until they became an adult and could search for them. This type of arrangement is now called a closed adoption. These days, the vast…Read More

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