How Many Types of Adoption Do You Think There Are?

Did you know there is more than one type of adoption? There are three types and they are commonly referred to as open, semi-open or closed.

Most adoptive parents and birthmothers are unsure of the differences and the route they wish to go down at the beginning of their adoption journey.  It’s important to learn your options and determine what kind of future relationship you wish to establish. Our Pensacola adoption attorney explains below.

Common Types of Adoption

An open adoption means the birthmother and adoptive parents share information.  This can include phone calls, emails, photos, and texts during the pregnancy, after delivery and in the coming years. This can include in person meetings and regular contact. Keep in mind the amount of openness is determined by both parties. Most professionals say open adoptions are the healthiest option in the long run for the child and both sets of parents.

A semi-open adoption means that the birthmother and prospective adoptive parents share non-identifying information. Communication is usually through the law firm or agency.  The frequency and length of the contact can vary depending on the desires of the parties.

In a closed adoption, no information or contact is made between birthmother and adoptive parents. In the past, almost all adoptions were closed.  Now that the stigma of adoption has faded, closed adoptions are becoming much rarer.

In most states, though, the agreement to the type of adoption is not legally enforceable.  As a result, always be prepared that the parties have the right to change their mind.  Communication up front is key to determine the plan best for all.

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